Membership FAQ

  1. How much is a Membership?
    A Standard Membership is $45.00, and Membership for Government employees is $30.00
  2. When should I pay my Membership Dues?
    The Membership Fee covers membership in the BCABA for a calendar year.  Membership fees can be paid at any time during the course of the year.  Membership dues for the upcoming year may be paid beginning on September 15, and members will be reminded through the email listserv that fees for the upcoming calendar year are due.
  3. How can I pay my membership fee?
    Detailed payment instructions for payment via either check or credit-card can be found  here.
  4. What are the benefits of membership in the BCABA?
    There are many benefits of membership in the BCABA, which can be found here.
  5. The Annual Program fee is cheaper for members of BCABA.  When must I pay dues to receive this discount?
    In order to receive the discount on the Annual Program, you must pay the membership fee for the upcoming year prior to the date of the Annual Program.  If you have questions regarding your membership status, please contact the BCABA Secretary.
  6. I’ve paid my dues. When will I be listed on the membership directory?
    The membership directory will be updated in the first quarter of each calendar year and on the last day of each month thereafter.  If membership fees are paid during the annual dues payment period (September 15 through December 15), you will be included in the membership directory distributed in the first quarter of the calendar year.  If you join after the dues payment period, you will receive all members-only email communications and will appear in the membership directory distributed at that year’s annual program, but may not appear in that year’s distributed directory.
  7. I’m not certain whether I have paid my dues for the current calendar year.  How can I confirm my paid membership status?
    Please contact the BCABA Secretary or President using the contact information provided here.